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Become a Prestige Partner


The way your brand looks matters.

A True Business Partner.

If your visuals don’t represent your brand well, the value of your brand decreases. Not only that, if your product or service is high end and your visual marketing looks elementary, customers lose trust in you. You miss out on repeat business, and word of mouth stops spreading.

Not many people want to work with brokerages that don't place value on their outward appearance. Whether it's a brand video, or real estate listing, your visual presence is key.

Can videos and high quality photos add economic value to your brand? We believe they can, but only if you do it right. To do that, it takes hours of tedious research to ensure that every video we produce elevates the value of your brand and makes word of mouth spread.

Based on your current video messaging, listing media, and other visual elements, we believe we can enhance not only the look and feel of your brand and listings, but your brand’s reputation as a whole.


Having a visual brand that accurately represents your value is critical if you want to expand your reach.


Most people think visual branding is just another necessary cost, but we believe it’s an investment that gets you a return. With a beautiful visual brand that helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace, word of mouth starts to spread like never before. You get more repeat and referral business because clients are proud to do work with you, and they are even prouder to introduce others to you.

Seven Roads Real Estate Media is proud to introduce our Prestige Partnership opportunity. You deserve a team, and shouldn't have to settle for fuzzy business models or part-time uninsured subcontractors. Align your brand with an honest, cutting edge firm with a track record of excellence.


Top-producing teams and agents are invited to be a Prestige Partner, with partner-only benefits that are not offered to anyone else.

Prestige Partner Benefits:

  • Lock-in Current Rates for a 12-month period (No price increases)

  • Discounted Flat-Rate Packages

  • Custom Tailored Media Packages

  • Priority Scheduling with our Team

  • Flexible cancellation policy

  • Custom booking portal w/ discounted rates for easy scheduling

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • A promise to receive consistent quality media

  • Reduced Cancellation Fee


Prestige Partners team up with Seven Roads and commit to:

  • Exclusively using Seven Roads Real Estate Media for listing media for 12 months

  • Booking through our custom Team portal

  • Utilizing our email and calling/texting options for support


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